Membership in the Cary Go Club is informal. There is no formal application, so anyone who stops by our games more than once or twice can consider themselves a member.  Below is the current list of people who are in our Go Club mailing list. If your name doesn’t appear on this list, and you’d like it to be here, drop me a line . Likewise, if you wish to have your name removed, send me an email.


An individual AGA membership is not required for our club members.  However, there are many benefits to become an AGA member, including receiving the weekly American Go E-Journal  (see a sample E-Journal)and being able to participate local and national AGA tournaments.  It only costs $15/year for an individual membership if you join through our Club – regular AGA membership is $30/year.   If you would like to apply for a limited AGA membership, please apply online at AGA’s website and write “Cary Go Club” in the AGA chapter’s name to qualify for the reduced fee of $15/year.


Current Club Members:


Dave Aronhalt (AGA Member)

Hong Chen

Lin Chen

Owen Chen (AGA Member)

Zhao Cheng

Alex Chien

Yichun Ding

Christopher Gotwalt

Eric Klein

Wei Fan

Sheng Feng (AGA Member)

Mitch Franklin (AGA Member)

Neal Gan

Robert Hoang

Andrew Hutzel

Tingmei Jin

Bradley Jones (AGA Member)

Warren Lewis (AGA Member)

Peng Liu

Youngjin Park

Sergiy Peredriy

Fred Perry

John Sall

Darshan Singh

Kerry Smith

Quinn Swanger

Jeff Thomas

Yu-Wang Wang

Bobby White

Wenbin Wei

Ji Wen (AGA Member)

Changlong Wu (AGA Member)

Xiaoping Wu (AGA Member)

Feng Ye (AGA Member)

Yongqiao Xiao (AGA Member)

Rudy Zalesak

Peng Zang

Eric Zhang (AGA Member)

Songhua Zhang

Changlong Wu (AGA Member)